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According to the University of Pennsylvania, bearing a bald head can exude dominance, influence, masculinity, and power. Bald is the new sexy!

Not all men can pull off a bald head, but the ones who can and for the men who are thinking about going bald, you should know the following Techniques and products to maintain your scalp.

Consistent Maintenance is Necessary

The key is to shave without irritating the skin on your scalp. You should consider using a super slick shaving cream and a fresh blade on your razor every time.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

Lotion will keep you looking fresh for a longer period of time. Lotion for your shaved head is just as important as it is to the rest of your body. Reducing shine will also keep your scalp free from dry patches and premature wrinkles.

Maintain A Clean Scalp

Now that you have gone bald, excess scalp sweating is something to consider, using a swipe or two of antiperspirant across your scalp can help with sweating. It is best to apply it at night so that the active ingredients have time to work before you have to go out into the world. Also, keeping a few wipes handy in case of emergencies.

Be Aware of the Elements

If it is your first time being bald then your skin on your scalp has never been this exposed. Because of this, you want to take into account protection from the elements. The cold can cause dry skin and the sun can burn your scalp without sunscreen protection (oil-free options).



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