What Does Your Facial Hair Say About You?

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Facial hair seems to be trending now days, from the lumberjack beard to the waxed and exaggerated mustache with the handle bar tips. The choices we make to style ourselves exhibits part of our personalities from the clothing we choose to the way we style our hair and a beard is no exception.

Throughout history beards and other styles of facial hair were dictated by various authority figures such as kings, politicians, or clergymen and the style indicated that person’s social status or religious beliefs. Today facial hair is playful, rebellious and attractive.

With that being said here are some things your facial hair can say about you:

The Mustache
A very common look and one that seems to have made a comeback in the last few years. It says typically you are a free spirit and a conversation starter.

The Chinstrap
A look descending from the past, generally people will think you are Amish or a Trekkie.

The Scruff
The look that seems to be the most popular style with men and women. A well kept stubble is the look that works best on almost any face.

The Full Beard
Once solely for lumberjacks or men of the wilderness this look seems to be winning with men of all industries, walks of life and generations. We tend to associate this look with hipsters, professors or mountain men.

The Goatee
This style was popular in the mid-1990’s but is still very popular with rural guys, country and westerners.


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