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How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard?

Written By Twiz 03 May 2021

So, you haven’t tried growing your beard out fully yet. But you might be wondering, how long is this going to take? The stages between a smooth face and a full-fledged beard can be a bit awkward for some, so it helps to know when your whiskers will start looking certifiably manly. Even if you have grown some facial hair before, it can be difficult to gauge how much time it takes to get a full beard. As you will see, there are a lot of factors that go into growing a luscious, healthy beard. This guide explains everything you can expect and everything you should do for a beard that Zeus himself would shoot you a thumbs-up for.


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Quick Beard Facts


Beards come in all shapes and sizes, so knowing what you are aiming for is helpful. A clean, short beard may take some only a few weeks to grow, while wizardly ZZ Top bristles will take quite a bit longer. Let’s check out some quick facts when it comes to beard growth:


  • Beards grow about half an inch per month for most men who grow facial hair. 
  • Beard length will max out at around six years of uninterrupted growth.
  • When left alone, most men will be able to grow a beard that is three feet in length.
  • On average, it takes men two to four months to develop a full-on beard. 
  • Testosterone level is one of the biggest factors in beard growth.


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A bearded man smoking a cigar


How Long Will It Take You To Grow a Beard?


The truth is that growing facial hair comes easily to some men, while it is extremely difficult for others. This doesn't necessarily mean they have low testosterone. There are a variety of reasons men don't grow a beard well. However, in most instances, men can grow a beard in around two to six months

After your last shave, you will probably have stubble for around a week. If you leave it be, your beard will start to take form after around the second-week mark. It’s easiest to adopt a hands-off approach during growth, so you don't risk impeding your body's natural process. Some men will be satisfied with a month of growth; others will have to wait months for their desired beard shape and length.


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Three Phases of Beard Growth


Facial hair actually undergoes three phases during growth. This could be helpful to know what your body is up to during your beard-growing journey.


Phase I


This is technically known as the 'anagen' phase, where your facial hair will grow at about a half-inch per month. The length of this phase varies for everyone.


Phase II


At some point, your beard will cease growing, and each hair will detach from its hair follicle, attaching instead to the skin. This phase is known as the catagen phase.


Phase III


This third level of growth is known as the telogen phase. Hair will remain rooted in the catagen phase for around two to four months before new growth starts again, pushing old strands until they eventually detach from your face.


Biggest Factors That Affect Facial Hair Growth


Here are some of the most common things that affect beard growth. You may be able to understand more if you are having difficulty growing facial hair.




Age plays a big role. Some men won't start growing beards until they're 25. Some start at 14 -- it is what it is. The best years for growing a full beard when it comes to most men is 25-40 years old. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a refined gentleman’s beard at 60, nor does it mean you can grow a respectable beard at 18.


Ancestry and Genetics


Race and genetics play a big part in your ability to grow a beard. Men of every race can grow beards, but the hair itself tends to grow differently. Chances are if your forefathers all grew amazing beards, you will too. However, if your family has a history of smooth faces, you may be out of luck.




Your diet, sleep patterns, and exercise habits all play a big role in your health and ability to grow a healthy beard. You need proper vitamins and healthy habits to grow your best luscious beard.


Testosterone Levels


As we’ve already mentioned, testosterone isn’t everything, but it is very important to growing facial hair. Your testosterone levels will affect your muscle mass, fat retention, hair growth, and a slew of other attributes. These levels change as men age, so it is important to take note this as you get older. After men turn 40, testosterone levels usually decrease by about a percent and a half every year. 

In short, men with higher testosterone levels will have an easier time growing fuller, longer beards. Take caution tampering with testosterone levels via supplements, it is best to consult with your doctor before taking any action.


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An older bearded man looking at the camera


Top Tips For Beard Growth


  • Get plenty of vitamins and biotin in your diet. Biotin helps build healthy proteins essential to hair and beard growth. B vitamins are also very helpful with this. 
  • Keep your beard growing healthily with a quality beard balm. Keeping your skin and hair hydrated and healthy will go a long way.
  • Keep as healthy, hydrated, and rested as possible and get the proper amount of sleep every night. 
  • Once you have an amazing beard, make sure you get it cleaned and trimmed with expert men’s grooming services from Fino.


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