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Why Men Shouldn’t Overlook Their Skin Health

Written By Alejandro Hormechea 30 May 2020

Proper skin care is a must, regardless of gender. But if you have never used more than bar soap, here are some things you should know about skincare.

Men may be from Venus and women from Mars, but when it comes to skincare, one thing remains the same: everyone needs to take care of their skin. And while some men already practice proper skincare, others may think it is not necessary. After all, they are men, so those fine lines and minor skin imperfections make them look distinguished. Proper skin care is a must, regardless of gender. But if you have never used more than bar soap, here are some things you should know about skincare.

It’s Your Largest Organ

Skin is the largest organ we have. It protects our internal organs, helps regulate temperature, and provides first-line defense against illness. However, our skin is also prone to a variety of disorders, more than 3,000, to be exact. For this reason, everyone needs to know when a minor rash needs further investigation. But in a world where skincare is tailored more towards females, it is not uncommon for men to ignore their skin health. Men, just like women, need to determine their skin type on their faces as well as the rest of their bodies. Men also need to remember that sun damage does not only happen on the face. It happens to any area of the body that is exposed to harmful UV rays regularly. To ward off ongoing chronic skin issues.

Slow Aging

Men start to show the first signs of aging in their late twenties to early thirties. Some develop fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes where others develop deeper lines in their foreheads and between the brows. But aside from the natural aging process, a number of skin disorders can contribute to aging that you should be vigilant of. Severe psoriasis and dermatitis can create thickened skin, which leads to accelerated aging. For this reason, men not only need to use sunscreen religiously but also treat any skin conditions they have. Contact dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema require ongoing treatment to keep skin looking silky smooth.

Facial Hair

Facial hair also plays an important role in skin health. Men not only have more collagen and elastin than women, but they also have facial hair, which offers stronger support for facial structures. But facial hair is also prone to oil buildup, which means men who already suffer from oily skin are more prone to acne flares. Combined with a rougher texture, this can also lead to increased skin sensitivity. Men should perform gentle exfoliation, along with proper shaving techniques, especially for those who prefer the clean-shaven look. Ingrown hairs are more than painful; they can become a source of infection.

While some guys will take a little more convincing, men do need to take care of their skin too. Find out your skin type and let the pampering begin!

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